It was the year of 2006 that influenced our future path. In that year we met up and managed self-storage business in the Czech Republic under Selvaag Self-Storage AS until 2014. Selvaag Self-Storage AS was the 3rd largest self-storage operator in Europe and managed 45 sites in 7 countries in Europe.

The company belongs to Norwegian concern Selvaag Gruppen. The company owners as well as their top management are principled people with right life values. Those involve politeness, fairness and honesty in all aspects of life whether on business or personal level, team work and a huge emphasis on customer service.

In 2014 when the Norwegian owners sold the Czech business, our dream was born. We want to be useful in what we know best and at the same time utilise our valuable experience in self-storage industry and that is mainly in family-type business.  

Our main target is to offer such service, that we as customers would appreciate most. Now, our dream of setting up Perfect Storage is becoming reality.

Lidé Perfect Storage